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We are a group of lifelong learners who are passionate about technology and are eager to help all businesses and individuals find an IT solution that works for them.

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Server Installation, Configuration, and Management

We handle every aspect of network installation, configuration and management. ITS specializes in providing technology solutions in a way that simplifies the process.
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Virus Removal & Virus Protection

We protect your company from being the victim of a Ransomware attack that could result in loss of money, information, productivity, and regulatory fines that may be incurred as a result.
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Surveillance Systems

We work to secure homes, office buildings, multi-tenant family residences, and parking structures. It is our goal to install surveillance systems that help safeguard our customers.
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Website Development

Allow ITS to customize and develop your business website. We tailor the website for your business and personal needs.
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Firewall Deployment and Management

Here at ITS your security is one of our focuses. In this world where businesses are vulnerable. Due to digital transformation, remote work and mobile devices it is critical to have a firewall to protect against cybersecurity threats.
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Infinite Technical Solutions is a Veteran owned IT consulting firm located in Dothan, Alabama. We provide businesses and customers with the best IT services.
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